VNETWORK with reliable and effective network security solutions

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

VNETWORK with reliable and effective network security solutions

VNETWORK has maintained its leadership position in the fields of security, storage, data transmission, and network infrastructure supply for nearly a decade, assisting more than 2,000 domestic and international businesses in improving their security capabilities and ensuring the safety of business activities in cyberspace.

Leading technology groups such as Gartner and RAPID7 have acknowledged VNETWORK for meeting the most demanding information security standards in the enterprise. Since then, TikTok, Tiki, HSC, VieON, and others have been satisfying the needs of clients in a variety of areas, including entertainment, media, e-commerce, finance and logistics.

Furthermore, in order to provide greater value to consumers and the community, VNETWORK has strengthened its collaboration with the world’s premier security units, most notably through the formation of the VNETKIWON SECURITY Joint Venture Company with partners Korea’s KIWONTECH. All VNETWORK activities are guided by the principle of “customer-centeredness.” VNETWORK team gradually produces exceptional technology products concentrating on customers’ needs with the purpose of optimizing benefits for consumers, such as VNIS is a security platform that can help you prevent and respond to threats. Firewall system for email and webpage EG Platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aid secure email.

Moreover, the Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC) system has been expanded to many countries and territories, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. With a 24/7 technical support team to ensure an optimal user experience. VNETWORK is always concerned about its clients, but its also prioritizes staff development. An open workstation makes communication, energy and inspiration easier.

Besides that, every employee is provided with the necessary equipment and working circumstances to maximize productivity.

VNETWORK is investing in the development of high-quality human resources through a variety of training programs led by the CEO and a team of industry professionals. Young professionals will be able to openly discuss their career paths and growth aspirations, as well as participate in domestic and international cybersecurity projects.

Additionally, through tourism activities and group bonding, the personnel is trained in knowledge and abilities.

According to Ms. Tran Thi Diem Thuan (Sales Specialist): “Here, I discovered my true calling. Working directly with large customers and having access to the latest technology allows me to expand my knowledge, soft skills and foreign language abilities.”

Mr. Vu Nguyen Hoai Nam (Marketing Specialist) gave the following information: “VNETWORK is an ideal workplace since every employee’s efforts are appreciated, which allows me to see and feel my own worth. We are encouraged to criticize and evaluate our own and our colleagues’ work honestly. This leads to all the problems being identified and addressed quickly.”

VNETWORK will constantly move forward to deliver sustainable values to consumers, contributing to the creation of a safe network environment, with a clear vision, a united team, a spirit of daring to change, breakthroughs and protection.

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