Web Application Firewall Cloud WAF - Protect Server Web - Commitment refund if ineffective

You want to protect Website against dangerous network attacks ? Or recovery websites from DDoS ? Call now at hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or SMS Live chat to get support 24/7 & receive unlimited international bandwidth packages

Your website is always in zone of danger!


Every website has dangerous vulnerabilities such as malicious code insertion, hijacking, data leakage, etc.

Over 90%

Website vulnerabilities are mainly coming from programming errors and web applications


The administrator doesn’t have much awareness of website security

Comprehensive protection

Prevent risks follow the latest international standards (OWASP), DDoS attacks on your website and more

Smart AI algorithm

Artificial Intelligence AI automatically analyzes access requests and prevents all threats from anywhere in the world

Automatic security monitoring 24/24

The system comes with a network security monitoring panel (SIEM) capable of collecting, analyzing and presenting events in the firewall (WAF)

Ensure website quality

Prevent malicious software on the website, help website to be evaluated well and ensure rankings on Google Searching

Detailed report

The system automatically collects and analyzes detailed information such as types of hackers attack and alerts the users

Report attacks on web vulnerabilities

Detailed report of access requests

Report attacks on the website

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