Marvel House International Preschool

Established with the objective of providing the best early childhood education to the children in Vietnam

Established with the objective of providing the best early childhood education to the children in Vietnam, Marvel House International Preschool strives to do everything with the conviction that “Every Child is Our Future”. The 3 pillars of core values that Marvel House wants to provide to children are Character Building, Talent Discovery, and Life Skills Learning.


There is no denying the role of the Internet in bringing enterprises closer to their customers. In this era, having a tool to promote the brand online is a great advantage of enterprises. The most popular online branding tool of each enterprise is its own website. For the same kind of Marvel House Preschool. Marvel House really needs a professional website with full of features to have great support to their business as well as providing essential information to customers. In addition, the website interface must always ensure the aesthetics, suitable for business and highly customizable on all devices.

Besides, as a preschool, Marvel House must transfer and store a lot of important information such as student records, teachers’ information, teaching materials, programs and work plans, and other information which needs to be highly secure in the email system. Meanwhile, email attacks are still a major concern among enterprises nowadays. Therefore, Marvel House extremely needs an email security system.

Marvel House International Preschool needs a team that has the ability to set up, deploy and effectively manage back-end systems such as website, hosting, email system. In addition, the team must be promptly available as soon as the school needs help and work the problems the school encounters out.


VNETWORK is pleased to receive the trust of Marvel House when it comes to providing and managing the back-end system for Marvel House. The solutions that VNETWORK provides meet the needs of the school, including the CMS website management system, hosting services, domain, and email security system -SECUMAIL. VNETWORK is happy to support whenever Marvel House needs.

In order to provide updated information to parents as well as to help Marvel House Preschool show a world-class image along with the domain and hosting, VNETWORK has designed a website with an eye-catching interface, consistent colors and powerful back-end system. The website has a high degree of a customizable interface on every device, making it easy and convenient for parents to keep up to date and learn about the school at any time.

SECUMAIL system is the outstanding security email solution that VNETWORK has provided to Marvel House International Preschool. The highlight of the system is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI Technology) that implements the security features in the system. When using SECUMAIL, users will be alerted when they receive any suspicious emails from the hackers, inbound IPs, attachments and all the URLs in the email body. The system will block malicious emails that contain the virus and block fake emails, not to let malicious emails reach the user. To better support Marvel House Preschool in handling work, the system also features a password reset feature for outgoing emails, recalling mistaken emails and large file attachments (Up to 10 GB). Every day, the system sends a report to the user about the entire process of emailing in that day, including the status of blocking spam email.


Email Security system - SECUMAIL has really done a great job in protecting the email of Marvel House International Preschool. Since the use of SECUMAIL, staff in the school has not been bothered by the spam mail anymore. This has saved a lot of time in the process of processing the work. Moreover, the data is secured effectively, bringing peace of mind to the user.

The website of Marvel House International Preschool is always stable 24/24 and has never been reported. Fast and smooth page load times, delivering a good user experience both on the web and on mobile devices. In addition, the website has a very eye-catching front-end, perfectly suited to customers with the kindergarten education of Marvel House.

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