Vietnam's cybersecurity in the first half of 2022

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

Vietnam's cybersecurity in the first half of 2022

Cybersecurity in Vietnam - As reported by the Government's Center for Information Technology and Cybersecurity Monitoring, a total of 48,646 cyber attacks were identified in the first half of 2022, targeting the information technology systems of various government agencies.

Current situation of information security in Vietnam

Of the 48,646 cyberattacks on critical IT systems in the first half of 2022, exploit attacks still accounted for the majority with nearly 53% of total attacks; followed by network scanning attacks (15.65%), APT attacks (14.36%); authentication attacks (9.39%); malicious code attack (7.58%)

According to Senior Colonel Do Minh Kim, Deputy Head of Division 3 - Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention (Ministry of Public Security), many targeted cyber attacks (APTs) have been conducted against computer systems. important information systems of countries, enterprises, and economic groups, causing serious consequences on economic security and business operations.

Challenges to network security, privacy, and information safety are always in a state of high alarm. Information from the Ministry also said: that Vietnam is in the top 10 countries suffering from cyber-attacks and dangerous malware infections, ranked 7th in the number of victims of cyberattacks, and ranked 2nd among countries. most infected with crypto-mining malware.

Anti-DDoS solution and Web/App protection for businesses

DDoS attacks with hundreds of Gbps (Gigabits per second) traffic are capable of bringing down many Web Server systems of targeted businesses. However, VNETWORK’s customers will still be assured of safety. We have the security platform of VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security) that helps to comprehensively protect the enterprise’s Web Server against all forms of DDoS attacks as large as thousands of Tbps (Terabit Per Second).

VNIS has been recognized by the world’s leading security organization, Gartner, as the platform representing the world’s leading Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Learn more about VNIS’s smart web application and website security features below.

Vietnam's cybersecurity in the first half of 2022

Process of protecting website

Ensure stable Website performance based on multiple CDN networks (Multiple CDN - Multi CDN)

Multi CDN on the VNIS platform allows up to 2,600Tbps to be loaded, keeping the website up and running before all large DDoS attacks (DDoS Layer 3/4). Particularly in Vietnam, the VNCDN system (VNETWORK’s CDN in Vietnam) is ready to meet more than 3 million simultaneous accesses and has the capacity to handle more than 6 billion requests per day.

Anti-attack on Web/App vulnerabilities based on Multi-Cloud WAF and Scrubbing Center

VNIS has many Cloud WAF clusters located in many countries and territories to help fight Layer 7 DDoS attacks. If website traffic increases sharply, Cloud WAF will take advantage of cloud infrastructure to quickly isolate these threats.

In addition, the Scrubbing Center system coordinates all activities of Cloud WAF clusters in many countries, making anti-DDoS Layer 7 more effective.

Optimize website performance with Artificial Intelligence - AI Load Balancing

AI Load Balancing combines with a Real User Monitoring (RUM) system that analyzes details of attack sources and reports real user interactions with the website, to coordinate traffic to the Web site.

Hide IP, protect root server (Server Root)

VNIS allows businesses to customize the connection, check, and hide IP server addresses on a single management platform. The operations are simple and do not require programming techniques.

VNIS also coordinates with Security Operations Centers (SOCs) in many countries and territories such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam,… to monitor the status of websites and Timely detection and prevention of attacks. VNIS and SOC help keep the website safe and running continuously with the best performance.


The market today has quite a few anti-DDoS service providers, but each provider has different outstanding characteristics. Therefore, it is important to find out and choose the right solution for your business. You can read more about the top 9 anti-DDoS services here.

If you want to try VNIS’s intelligent anti-DDoS service, please contact the hotline (028) 7306 8789 or or email to for expert support and consultation.

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