VNETWORK instructs how to fight DDoS Server Game

Latest Update: 17/11/2023

VNETWORK instructs how to fight DDoS Server Game

In the current context, DDoS attacks are becoming a major concern of many businesses globally. Large DDoS traffic attacks have completely lost the processing capacity of the Server system. The following article shares how to fight the DDoS Server recommended by VNETWORK. These solutions will keep your Server safe from the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

What is DDoS Server?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attack that causes the server system (server) to be overloaded, unable to provide services, or to stop working.

A WebServer can only handle a few requests at a time, if an attacker sends too many requests at the same time, it will overload the server and it will not be able to handle other requests. This is essentially a “denial of service” attack because you can no longer access that website or service.

The DDoS attack causes the server to be overloaded and is no longer able to handle the requests. As a result, users cannot access websites when the server system is under attack.

DDoS attack methods

  • SYN Flood
  • UDP Flood
  • HTTP Flood
  • Ping of Death
  • Smurf Attack
  • Fraggle Attack
  • Slowloris
  • Application Level Attacks
  • NTP Amplification
  • Advanced Persistent DoS (APDoS)
  • Zero-day DDoS Attacks

Basic anti-DDoS ways

ISPs usually support DDoS protection at Layer 3 and Layer 4 (network traffic), but ignore Layer 7, where it is more targeted, and in general, the uniformity of protection layers is also not good. guaranteed.

Companies that provide anti-DDoS services often use their existing infrastructure to combat any threats that come their way. Typically, this is done through a load balancer, a content delivery network (CDN), or a combination of the two.

Regular network scanning and traffic monitoring with alerts can also help you catch the dangers of a DDoS attack early, as well as take action to mitigate the damage.

About Firewall Anti DDoS

Hard Firewall:

Businesses that often have dedicated hardware firewalls have a variety of tools to help block threats at the periphery of the network. This way, they can filter email and web traffic (among other things) for everyone without bogging down anyone’s computer too much.

Soft Firewall:

Firewall Soft Firewall is installed on individual servers. They intercept each connection request and then determine if the request is valid. The firewall software handles all requests using server resources.

How to prevent DDoS for Game Server/Windows Server

  • Invest in routers, system connection cables, network switches, and network cards

If you invest in good equipment, you can configure your network hardware to prevent DDoS attacks. Install a network firewall to block unauthorized access from outside. This DDoS mitigation is great for enterprise applications that use an intranet.

  • Buy more bandwidth and increase storage for Game Server

The main reason why a website crashes or crashes is because it cannot handle the traffic caused by the DDoS attack. Therefore, buying more bandwidth and increasing server capacity is an effective way to mitigate DDoS attacks.

  • Servers should be distributed in many different data centers

Dispersing the servers geographically will partly help to prevent the servers from being affected at the same time by DDoS attacks. Of course, these centers must have a good load balancing system to distribute the traffic between them. It is even better if these centers are located in different countries or regions.

  • Using Cloud WAF firewall and CDN technology to Anti DDoS for Server

Using WAF (web application firewall) is one of the best anti DDoS for WebServer today, especially for large enterprises. Cloud WAF can detect and prevent DDoS attacks by monitoring anomalous traffic and blocking their access.

In addition, CDN (content delivery network), can balance the traffic on the website, by distributing them on different servers around the globe. Then it will be difficult for hackers to initiate DDoS attacks against you.

To register for a comprehensive Anti-DDoS Server trial experience with Cloud WAF systems in 8 countries and Asia’s leading CDN 404 technology, please contact VNETWORK immediately at the hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to for expert support and consultation.

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