Choose Bare Metal Server or Cloud Server?

Latest Update: 26/10/2023

Choose Bare Metal Server or Cloud Server?

Corporates are often confused about choosing a form of website data storage and web applications. The two most popular forms are Bare Metal Server and Cloud server. So how do businesses differentiate and choose the right solution for their organization? Find out more through the article below.

What are Bare Metal Server and Cloud Server?

Bare Metal Server (Dedicated Server)

Bare metal server is a dedicated physical server solution, with the ability to scale on demand, including hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, and Memory … installed in a data center in a controlled environment and close monitoring. The entire portion of server resources is dedicated to a single audience, giving users complete control and customization of the server hardware and software.

Cloud Server

A cloud server is a type of virtual server hosted and operated in a cloud computing environment. Instead of running on a physical server, a cloud server is created by virtualizing the resources of multiple physical servers, typically located in a data center operated by a cloud service provider.

Cloud servers provide on-demand access to computing resources, such as processing power, memory, and storage. Users can activate, scale, and deactivate cloud servers as needed.

Should Corporates choose Bare Metal Server or Cloud Server?

Performance (CPU or vCPU)

CPU (Processor) and vCPU (Virtual Processing Unit) are both central processing units in a server. CPU is a physical piece of hardware directly integrated into a dedicated server, and vCPU is a virtualized resource in a virtual server.

CPUs will typically provide more performance than vCPUs because the CPU is directly integrated into the hardware and has better processing power than vCPUs to perform heavy and computationally demanding tasks. For example, service provider Bare Metal Server VNETWORK offers a new generation server with a 2xAMD EPYC™ 128 cores 2.9GHz CPU chip.

Meanwhile, vCPU only uses a part of the physical CPU computing resources and depends on the capabilities of the virtualization software, so the performance is often lower. However, it depends on the needs of the business. If your business has a very dynamic workload and performance is not the most important thing, then Cloud server is the solution to consider.

Storage Capacity

Bare Metal Server or Cloud server can use SSD hard drives of different sizes and capacities depending on customer needs. The main difference here is that Bare Metal Server will use its own storage devices, with all available resources. Cloud server uses shared memory with many other people.

Therefore, BMS can provide a larger storage capacity than Cloud server. Also with the Cloud server, performance degradation can occur if there are problems when sharing the infrastructure. Example: Based on the price list from hosting provider VNETWORK:

  • Cloud Server: the highest storage capacity is 240GB SSD (Cloud server 06)

  • Bare Metal Server: hard drive capacity has increased to 8x7.68TB NVMe SSD (VBM7).


Looking at the overall cost in the market between Bare Metal Server, it’s not difficult to see a fairly large price difference between these two services and just in terms of price when renting a dedicated server will usually be higher. Example: The lowest price of 2 services Bare Metal Server and Cloud Server of VNETWORK:

  • Bare Metal Server: VBM1 - $210/ month. (Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 CPU 8 Cores 2.10GHz, 64GB). See detailed price list

  • Cloud server: Cloud server 01 - $26/ month (vCore CPU x 2, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD). See detailed price list

Using Bare Metal Server may be better while in other cases, Cloud server will help you to optimize costs. For example, Cloud server allows paying for the portion of resources used, while Bare Metal Server usually requires payment for all system resources, including unused resources. That means in this case, using Cloud Server can help businesses save costs when there is not a high demand for use.

Deployment & Expansion

Rapid deployment is a good choice for growing enterprise projects. Enterprises can deploy Cloud servers almost instantly while Bare Metal Server deployment will likely take longer to deliver.

Cloud server or Bare Metal Server are both scalable depending on customer needs, but Cloud server is easy to upgrade or shrink with a few operations, with Bare Metal Server, requires you to buy or rent more machines. server to expand the system and need personnel support from the service provider.


The bandwidth of the servers is subject to the policy of the service provider. However, usually, the bandwidth of Bare Metal Server can reach Gbps if connected to 10Gbps or 100Gbps network ports, hardware can be customized to optimize bandwidth according to needs. For example, VNETWORK’s Bare Metal Server service will provide unlimited bandwidth for users.

In contrast, the bandwidth of the Cloud server can be limited by the number of resources allocated to each virtual machine and the requirements of different virtual machines on the same infrastructure.


Security is also a factor of top concern today for choosing a form of data storage for businesses. As mentioned, Bare Metal Server does not share resources and is only used for a single object, users have complete control, so the system has higher security, reducing the risk of attacks. data breach.

However, Cloud server can also provide a high level of security as Data stored on Cloud server can be encrypted for safety or infrastructure is provided & managed by experts. has extensive experience in infrastructure provisioning services. Therefore, both the Bare Metal server and the Cloud server can provide a high level of security for an enterprise if properly managed and configured.

Summary & Conclusion

Choose Bare Metal Server or Cloud Server?

Summary table comparing Bare Metal Server with Cloud server

  • For small projects that need to be shared and flexible hosting: a cloud server can perfectly meet your needs as they can grow on the same infrastructure and do not require a single server. demand too much in terms of capacity.
  • For large-scaling projects, with higher performance or infrastructure requirements, the full power of a dedicated server may be needed and Bare Metal Server is the right choice for your organization. Friend.

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Choose Bare Metal Server or Cloud Server? Outstanding features of Bare Metal Server VNETWORK

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Choose Bare Metal Server or Cloud Server? Outstanding features of Cloud Server VNETWORK

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