VNETWORK launches Intelligent email security solution

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

VNETWORK launches Intelligent email security solution

In recent years, when Email has become an extremely popular means of communication and plays an extremely important role in business communication, it is also a lucrative bait for hackers. Along with that, the higher demands from users and businesses do not just stop sending and receiving mail. Therefore, an Email system to meet convenience and security is always a desire of any business in Vietnam and in the world.

On November 21 at GEM Center, the launch event of SECUMAIL - the first email system successfully applied AI artificial intelligence called "SECUMAIL - LEADING CLOUD SECURITY" co-organized by VNETWORK and Kiwontech and KICC ( Korean government organization) with the participation of more than 70 guests who are CTOs, CEOs of big enterprises in the field of technology in Vietnam 
How was the AI in SECUMAIL applied? 

The AI is capable of analyzing the safety and potential risks of emails received to increase the security of your email account. Besides, the system will automatically encrypt malicious Emails as images to avoid users clicking.

And if the Email meets all the criteria set out, the AI will still check the Email in a virtual area and will eliminate the potential risks that may harm users.

One of the most outstanding features can be mentioned in this technology is "Machine Learning", for Spammers they always have ways to thread through the normal Email system, but for SECUMAIL, AI will always be "Learning" and change algorithms to prevent those spam emails, and the system also automatically reports the number of spam emails blocked daily.

      Enterprise email security - A story that is not owned by anyone 

Differences from other Email systems 

  • Quick Email retrieval feature: Users can recover sent emails at any time and know how many times the user has viewed this email.

- Set password for Email: For emails containing sensitive or important information, users can set a password for that Email.

- Large file attachments: The system allows you to send files up to 10 GB, which is much higher than other conventional email systems.

  • There are also many other features like Backup, Restore,...

Enterprise email security - AI Machine Learning capabilities in SECUMAIL system

Enterprise email security - a collaboration between VNETWORK, Kiwontech, and The Gioi So company

Signed cooperation agreement between Kiwontech, VNETWORK, and Saco

It can be said that in an era where AI has been applied in almost all areas of life and with the advent of a secure email system that successfully applies this technology, users and businesses in Vietnam say. Particularly, we can feel secure when having a convenient and safe communication environment.

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