VNETWORK receive the Science and Technology Enterprise license

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

VNETWORK receive the Science and Technology Enterprise license

On May 16/2022, VNETWORK was honored to claim the Science and Technology Enterprise Certification from the Ministry of Science and Technology according to the 59th certification - 59/DNKHCN. This is a result of VNETWORK’s relentless effort in the research and development of network security technologies and solutions.

The Science and Technology Enterprise License is known only for businesses that directly carry out scientific research and development, as well as the manufacturing and sale of all types of products derived from scientific research and development of technology.

After nearly 10 years in the business of operation and development, VNETWORK has established itself as a global leader in the use of innovative, world modern technologies. Furthermore, VNETWORK is known as a prestigious and high-quality in Vietnam in terms of Cybersecurity and Rescue Organization. With the professional and sophisticated SOC (Security Operation Center) system and a team of highly trained engineers, VNETWORK is able to provide secure and optimum technological solutions to clients and partners.

At the present, VNETWORK has always continued to define itself as the company’s capacity and position. Especially, VNETWORK has archived many impressive achievements and milestones, such as the VietNam Security Summit, Vietnam Cyber Security, VietNam Digital Awards, Top 10 leading brands Vietnam, certifications from ITSCC, Gartner, Rapid7… and is trusted by more than 2000 domestic and international corporate customers in various fields such as education, healthcare, entertainment, press, commerce, logistics, finance, and information technology.

In order to achieve The Science and Technology Enterprise certification, VNETWORK team has worked tirelessly from the stage of compiling paperwork to confirming the quality of technology goods and services to the activities of defending before the review board. The Ministry of Science and Technology has given its approval. This is a fantastic motivator for the VNETWORK team to keep studying and creating security technology solutions, as well as enhancing its technology goods and services.

“We realize very well that success is a journey, not a destination, VNETWORK is conquering the world one step at a time, We are always testing surveys, continually developing and updating new technologies as well as responding to the application of technological trends and expanding company security and needs. At the same time, we are continually upgrading our existing network security services and solutions in order to provide value, profit, and perfect happiness to our clients and partners, author. “ Mr. Nguyen Van Tao, Director of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company shared.

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