Many businesses have overcome 8.999 Email attacks in the first 2 quarters

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Many businesses have overcome 8.999 Email attacks in the first 2 quarters

Statistical results in the first 6 months of this year, VNETWORK has continuously recorded a series of sophisticated cyber attacks with fake emails and phishing emails. Specifically, the Email Firewall system (Mail Gateway) called VNETWORK’s EG Platform has detailed reports on email attacks targeting customers in the past time.

Status of Phishing Email

Statistical reports from the Mail Gateway EG Platform system of VNETWORK, the whole system has recorded 8,999 Email attacks targeting VNETWORK customers.

According to the information on the report of EG Platform, the figures are detailed based on the following 2 groups:

Group 1: Emails with attachments

  • The number of attachments containing viruses is 3,482 cases.
  • The number of Ransomware is 2,471 cases.
  • The number of suspicious attachments is 662 cases.
  • The number of illegal links inside the attachment is 56 cases.

Group 2: Emails with URLs in the body

  • The number of Emails containing illegal URLs is 2,328 cases.

The following is an actual report on 1 case of fake email, phishing email alerted to users by the Mail Gateway EG Platform system as follows:

Many businesses have overcome 8.999 Email attacks in the first 2 quarters

Specifically, in this case, an email pretending to be the sender is Nguyen Van Tao Vnetwork to an internal email domain: After the Mail Gateway EG Platform system was resolved, it was discovered that the sender domain was actually from a different domain: and the sending IP was:

According to the working principle of the Mail Gateway EG Platform system, this email will initially be checked by the Spam Guard filter. Evaluation of the Spam Guard filter system shows that this email violates the following security criteria:

  • Contains unusual Text/HTML
  • IP comes from a different address
  • DKIM analysis shows that this Email’s identifier authentication record is not sent from the server of the real user.
  • SPF analysis confirms FAIL
  • The IP does not match the real user’s IP that was previously recorded by the Mail Gateway AI system.

As a result, the Spam Guard filter has put this Email in the Spam Mail list and notified it directly to the user.

In addition to the Spam Guard filter, the Mail Gateway EG Platform system also has Receive Guard and Send Guard filters to help control the entire incoming and outgoing email flow.

Many businesses have overcome 8.999 Email attacks in the first 2 quarters

Illustration of Mail Gateway EG Platform’s Email filtering system

With this Mail filter model, if the user allows Email Spam to pass through the Spam Guard filter system (by clicking the White list button), then this Email still has to go through the Receive Guard filter. This filter has the function of checking all factors related to New Viruses, Ransomware, and Malicious Link, … to ensure that Emails to end users are completely clean Emails.

Based on a dual filter system (2-way Mail filtering), the Mail Gateway EG Platform system has given statistical report results and shows that there are actually a lot of fake emails, phishing emails, and emails containing Malware and Viruses,… are targeting businesses every day. This has raised an alarm bell about email security for businesses that need to be taken more seriously.

The damage caused by Phishing Emails to businesses

The harmful effects of phishing email attacks have severely affected the productivity, reputation, and even loss of confidential data of the organization.

Some examples of shocking email attacks in the world can be mentioned as:

  • British Airways data breach: Russian hackers sell 245,000 customers’ credit card details.

  • The Uber case concealed a massive hack that exposed the data of 57 million users and drivers.

Therefore, no matter how large a business is, such negative information can cause huge shocks, affecting the reputation of the organization for many years to come.

Loss of reputation and data means a severe loss of business performance. Businesses will have to spend a lot of time recovering from attacks like Phishing Emails, especially Ransomware related attacks.

Solutions for effective business email security

There are standard methods to protect businesses from sophisticated Email attacks. It includes both human and technological factors. Because of the many new types of Email attacks that businesses face, a smart Email security system is required to help identify and stop potential threats.

To prevent targeted Email attacks, it is imperative that every employee is trained to early detect malicious actors trying to impersonate and infiltrate the organization.

Specifically, users need to pay attention when receiving the following suspicious Emails:

  • Emails that require immediate action or have a date or time to be completed.
  • If the sender of the Email is a stranger, never contacted before.
  • If the email asks for confidential information.
  • If the Email is related to a transfer to an unknown account.
  • If the domain name, content, format, or information in the Email is not the same as what is commonly found in Emails from the old sender.
  • If the Email has something that makes the user feel suspicious.

While the human factor is at the core to prevent damage from sophisticated Email attacks, the support factor of new security technologies will help improve your email security situation more effectively.

Through the implementation of Email security technologies applying artificial intelligence, businesses can identify Phishing Email attacks, Viruses, Ransomware, BEC, and APT,… to help employees feel more secure in their activities. Transactions via Email.

Businesses can learn more about the security solution of the Mail Gateway EG Platform here.

Outstanding features of the Mail Gateway EG Platform

Mail Gateway EG Platform uses artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence/AI) and machine learning (Machine Learning/ML) technology combined with more than 1,000 virtual zones, ready to analyze and censor Email content, and ensure The final email to the recipient is 100% clean Email.

Mail Gateway EG Platform has the ability to analyze the behavior of Email users, and detect changes in the route of fake Emails. Even the Mail Gateway EG Platform can detect Emails with malicious code hidden through nested links (check the last link).

Mail Gateway EG Platform helps protect Email in both directions (sending and receiving directions), helping to prevent Email attacks and preventing the leakage of confidential data of the organization to the outside.

The outstanding features of the Mail Gateway EG Platform can be mentioned as follows:

  • Targeted Email Attack Protection (APT, BEC)
  • Latest Virus detection and prevention, thanks to intelligent learning.
  • Detect all fake Emails, Phishing Emails and warn directly via Email users (help them be proactive and cautious when transacting via Email)
  • Anti-Spam mail up to 99%, minimizing processing time of spam emails, and promotional emails (optimizing labor costs of personnel)

Mail Gateway EG Platform is certified by Gartner and Rapid 7 for comprehensive security. According to an assessment from Rapid 7, VNETWORK’s Mail Gateway EG Platform has passed all security tests and currently, no vulnerabilities have been discovered. Mail Gateway EG Platform is currently being used by more than 2,000 organizations, such as Nhat Tin Logistics, Vietsovpetro, and Gilimex,…

If you want to learn about VNETWORK’s Mail Gateway EG Platform solution, send a demo request today. Hotline contact at: (028) 7306 8789 or Email:

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