Top 7 CDN service providers in Vietnam and the world

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Top 7 CDN service providers in Vietnam and the world

Top 7 CDN Providers 2022: Who will be the best choice for your business? In Vietnam and around the world, there are many CDN providers with their own advantages and characteristics. However, which is the best option for your business? VNETWORK has compiled and evaluated 7 top CDN providers, helping you to have an overview and make the right choice. Let’s explore and choose the best CDN provider for your business goals!

What is CDN

A content delivery network, also known as a CDN, is a geographically distributed data center network that contains proxy servers. CDN providers serve internet content, including web objects (text, graphics, and scripts), downloadable assets (media files, software, documents), applications ( e-commerce, portal), and live streaming media.

One of the outstanding advantages of using a CDN is improved page load times, reduced bandwidth costs, increased availability, and enhanced security. Here are some prominent CDN providers in Vietnam and the world:

1. VNCDN - Best CDN Viet Nam

Dich vu CDN Viet Nam VNCDN

VNCDN - Best CDN Vietnam - Supports high-speed Video Streaming (~ 3 seconds)

VNCDN is present in 33 countries around the world with more than 280 PoPs, with the ability to automatically respond to content from the PoPs closest to the user. VNCDN will ensure the content transmission speed is always fast and stable with a total uplink domestic bandwidth of more than 4Tbps and even more amazing is the load capacity of up to 6 billion requests a day and 3 million concurrent participants (CCU).

VNCDN supports businesses in the fields of live broadcasting, television stations, e-commerce, game publishers and OTT Video Streaming projects, electronic newspapers, software companies, and online advertising companies. online training, online training, and social networking services.

Besides, VNCDN is also highly appreciated for its ability to quickly remove bottlenecks at the origin server, keep your website up and running 24/7, and protect your website from DDoS attacks with this feature. Cloud security (Cloud Security).

Limitations of VNCDN - VNCDN only supports businesses to try CDN within 7 days- Although VNCDN has infrastructure spread across 33 countries, most of the CDN servers are concentrated in the data centers of Vietnam. Therefore, if your customers are located in many countries, you can consider using VNIS’s Multi CDN - VNETWORK platform to best increase website performance

2. CDN CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront CDN helps deliver content quickly and securely. Content including videos, apps, and APIs reaches viewers with low latency and high transfer rates.

Outstanding benefits of Cloudfront CDN

  • Large CDN network

Amazon CloudFront CDN has 119 Points of Presence (108 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Buffers) in 58 cities across 26 countries. The Amazon CloudFront CDN’s network delivers high availability, scale, and performance to all customers from anywhere in the world.

  • Content Security in the Border Region

cdn cloudfront aws

The Amazon CloudFront CDN integrates with AWS WAF and AWS Shield to help protect your applications from sophisticated threats and DDoS attacks.

  • Programmable CDN

All Amazon CloudFront features are configurable programmatically using APIs or through the AWS Management Console.

  • High performance

CloudFront connects directly with hundreds of end-user Internet service providers and uses the AWS backbone to accelerate enterprise content delivery from start to finish.

Amazon provides the features required for a CDN service and the ability to analyze customers for real-time metrics and changes.

Limitations of CloudFront CDN - The interface of CloudFront CDN causes many difficulties for administrators when using, managing and operating.- Providing too detailed functions and variables makes it difficult for enterprises to recruit highly specialized management resources to be able to understand and analyze thoroughly.

3. CDN Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a popular CDN provider with data centers in many parts of the world. Cloudflare has a user-friendly interface with useful features and is free. cdn cloudflare pricing

Cloudflare also offers customers website security, anti-botnet, and content spam restrictions. Besides, Cloudflare also provides simple anti-DDoS features for users.

The outstanding benefits of Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN helps speed up websites in many popular regions of the world. Additionally, the Cloudflare optimizer allows websites with third-party ad servers and extensions to download the Snappy software on mobile phones and computers.

Cloudflare’s security service helps protect websites from cyberattacks, and threats including spam, SQL injection, and DDoS.

Cloudflare’s analytics dashboard provides businesses with detailed information about their website’s traffic. These include search engine crawlers and threats, Keyless SSL…

Limitations of Cloudflare CDN - Cloudflare has a large CDN network, but it is not a good CDN in the Vietnam market.- Equipment speed is affected when encountering problems such as international cable breaks, or CDN downtime problems.- If you want to use Cloudflare’s advanced security features, businesses have to pay a large fee to be protected.

4. CDN Fastly

Fastly CDN includes a cloud platform of edge servers designed to help businesses scale their cloud infrastructure and reach more users. Fastly CDN helps deliver content, and optimize images, videos & streams… best cdn fastly

Limitations of CDN Fastly - The configuration goes through many steps and is complicated, it is difficult for inexperienced users to set up for long-term use without experts.- CDN Fastly is mainly in North America, Brazil, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand but not in Asia like VNCDN.

5. CDNetworks

CDN’s CDN service accelerates Web Apps and APIs globally. CDNetworks provides a secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performance application delivery network.

CDNworks CDN infrastructure is mainly in China, Russia, and other emerging markets. This makes CDNetworks a trusted partner in these market groups.

CDNetworks accelerates over 40,000 international websites and cloud services over 140 PoPs. CDNetworks serves industries such as finance, tourism, e-commerce, learning management, high technology, manufacturing, and media. CDNetworks has offices in the United States, Korea, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Limitations of CDNetworks Although CDNetworks offers security features such as botnet blocking, DDoS mitigation, and WAF, the limited reconfigurability is still a big minus when businesses can’t use it to suit their needs.

6. CDN Imperva Incapsula

Imperva Incapsula has a variety of services to offer including security solutions, CDNs, load balancing, failover solutions, and DDoS protection.

In particular, Imperva Incapsula mainly provides Web Application Firewall service, protects enterprise websites from new threats, and intelligent 360-degree anti-DDoS solutions with instant effect (Layer 3/4/7).

Imperva Incapsula’s CDN service helps to increase website loading speed globally and optimize bandwidth usage. CDN Imperva Incapsula supports performance monitoring and analytics to provide insights into enterprise website security and performance.

Top 7 CDN service providers in Vietnam and the world

Limitations of CDN Imperva Incapsula - Incapsula lags behind its competitors in establishing PoPs globally, and the performance coming from its CDN product is relatively slow compared to the average.- Currently, companies use Incapsula mainly for security issues, not for the purpose of using CDN for their website.

7. CDN Akamai

Akamai has the advantage of being one of the worldwide distributed cloud computing platforms, in order to meet the criteria a business needs in a CDN provider in terms of transmission. Akamai is responsible for serving 15% to 30% of all web traffic.

Limitations of CDN Akamai - In addition to CDN, Akamai also provides DNS, security and other performance solutions but their focus is still on CDN primarily.- In its market, Akamai is still not a popular choice for small and medium enterprises due to its high price.

Why combine the power of CDNs together?

Choosing the right CDN for your website is essential, and it takes a lot of time to make sure you choose the right one. However, while a CDN can significantly increase performance thanks to its unique strengths, the Multi CDN solution from VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security) can take the CDN to the next level.

Multi CDN is gaining popularity as enterprise websites span multiple global regions and need to ensure their customers can access websites and services quickly and stably.

multi cdn vnis vnetwork

Multi CDN combination platform on a single platform of VNIS

VNIS’s Multi CDN not only distributes site requests across multiple CDNs, but combining the strengths of the CDNs enhances their maximum effectiveness. It is important that all operations and settings are on a complete and simple interface for users, helping them solve the problem of limited resources.

The platform can deliver website requests autonomously in the ways mentioned in the previous paragraph (geographical location, traffic, processing power), which is fully controlled by AI. What’s even better is that businesses only need to pay the same price for a single CDN service to be able to use the power of VNIS’s Multi CDN.

To experience VNIS’s Multi CDN management platform, please leave your contact information below, or call the hotline: (028) 7306 8789 our experts will assist you.

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